DEEP 6 – Awakening2019-09-25T17:52:22+00:00
  • Category: Text-Adventure
  • Languages: Englisch, German
  • Launch: 2018
  • Requires no internet connection
  • Does not contain advertisement


DEEP 6 – Awakening

“Deep 6 – Awakening” is an elaborate text-adventure happening in real time.

Get ready for a fantastical and mysterious sci-fi thriller, in which everything is about making the right choices.

You take on the role of commander of a research station located 6000 feet below the sea level of a foreign planet far away from our civilization.

Over the course of the story you must make difficult choices which will influence the mission and decide over the lives of your crew members. You will be confronted with various dangers and threats, and uncover a conspiracy which could have dire consequences for the fate of humanity.

Besides your crew, you are supported by an artificial intelligence called C.U.R.E. He will accompany you on your adventure, and help you to successfully complete your mission.

But don’t let your guard down! Not everything that C.U.R.E. suggests is in the best interests of your crew. Listen carefully and don’t make any rash decisions, or your mission might end prematurely.

This game requires no internet connection, and does not contain any advertisements.